• Image of When I Was Great

"I decided a long time ago that I was going to be GREAT. We were sitting on the couch watching the Olympics like we all did, living and dying a little with each moment, each defeat, each victory. The whole world was watching these great champions do such great things. Everybody was so proud of them. Tears always streamed down their faces during the national anthem. They must have been very proud. It was then that I decided someday I was going to be great like them."

"I made a pretty good run at it too. It felt like I was almost great a couple of times a lifetime ago. Right now though, I’m violently vomiting as quietly as humanly possible on a random Tuesday night in the midst of my midlife crisis. I sure do miss being great. Hope the kids can’t hear this shit."

"Being just another fat guy in a BMW* isn't the GREAT I had in mind."

Ray Green is proud to co-lead the Green Family Adventurers of Carlsbad, CA with his awesome wife Laura. He is pretty clear his sole purpose in life is to 'do good and have as much fun as humanly possible.'

Published in 2012. 62 pages.